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Welcome to a community within the community of all believers. We believe that God loves us all, no exceptions! Community exists to help one other in learning and growing together in His love, with the expectation that lives rich in faith and understanding become lives rich in giving of ourselves to others, offering healing and hope.

This life of faith comes through a deeper understanding and connection with the story of God working among His creation, as revealed in the scriptures. The work of God among creation can be referred to as the alternative narrative, set apart from the dominant narrative of the world. Through understanding and remembering the story and work of God, one can bring hope, courage, and energy to a world in crisis. Amnesia of this great story lessens one’s hope in times of trouble. Rehearsing Gods actions among the world pays great benefits.

The study of the historical context of a passage (culture, traditions, etc…) best reveals the theology presented (claims), and that theology opens up the best possibility of imaginative living for our lives today (redefinition). Short cuts often end in misuse of the text and disunity among fellow believers.

This site will display videos, podcasts, and commentary of prominent theologians offering us insights and teachings on scripture. Exploring the same theme from various perspectives will enhance one’s ability to more clearly understand the issues. It will also give one the best possible opportunity of examining one’s preconceived notions concerning God. It matters what you think about who your God is.

In essentials unity;
in nonessentials liberty;
in all things charity.

-Adapted by Peter Meiderlin, a German Lutheran Theologin,
from the writings of Marco Antonia De Dominis (1617)