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A Step In The Right Direction, Maybe Even Two

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January 14, 2016 by admin

I’ve always been interested in history, always interested in things that help one understand life better. For years I studied under a theologian who taught a system called I.C.E.. It stands for Isagogical, Categorical and Exegetical studies. Isagogical means that the scripture must be interpreted in the time in which it was written. How true that is! If only he had been aware of all the reasonably new first century information that has come out since the late 80’s.

Well, he’s passed on now, and I’ve come to believe that when the historical is neglected, it leads to not understanding what the original authors were trying to pass on, which leads to wrong claims, which is the very theology we’re trying to get at.

What we need to understand here is that the historical understanding of a text has everything to do with the claims of the text, and that the claims of the text is the theology of that text. This very thing will help in determining what kind of God we have. I’m not going into examples here, no need to, just watch our first post on “Science and Genesis” where you can see clearly for yourself a great example of this. (The videos are only 20 mins. total)

What I’m getting to, is that what the authors of the Bible were sharing with us, must be understood in the culture in which they wrote it, and a understanding the culture will have a profound impact on our understanding of the theology (claims) that they were sharing with us. The authors of scripture were not writing to us 2,000 yrs later, they were writing to their people, the things that they felt led of God to pass on to be remembered. The Bible is for us, but not written to us, think about it, it’s a great deal harder to understand than we allow for, and we must do the work if we are to understand it properly, skipping that work will have unhealthy interpretive ramifications.

My interest in this community of ours, whether it’s in a group meeting or in the larger scope of sharing these thoughts on this site for all to read and grow with us is to understand as best we can the historical context of a passage, which greatly helps in determining the claims or the theology about our God, and then to imaginatively apply that understanding to our world today. This final imagining will define for us the alternative way of Jesus as opposed to the dominant way of “the World”.
So far I think our videos have been great in the historical aspect, and we have discussed our God, and how much bigger He is than we imagined, our weakness has been getting to the imaginative and the fresh application of the kingdom of God existing in the world today.

It was William who said to me at one of our meetings that if we are to get to the imaginative, I think we will have to be very intentional about it, and I think he was right.

This led me to buy a book that I had heard about, and wow, what an eye opener! The name of the book is Disarming Scripture, by Derek Flood. I’m so glad I had the holidays and our break from meetings to begin reading it. It’s not a hard book to understand, but its truth demands so much of us! It’s definitely a life changer.

What I’d like to propose is that we read this book together, and meet to discuss each chapter, taking time to work through the book’s examples, and to spend time with our own. I am often short sighted, so I’ll be sending out an e-mail and waiting for your response. In the meantime, I uploaded the podcast of the interview in which I first heard Derek Flood talk about his book. It’s about 45 minutes long, but worth every minute, especially as a preview of the book. Enjoy, and we’ll go from there.





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